SmartBridge weighbridge software

SmartBridge weighbridge software

SmartBridge is an easy to use Windows based Weighbridge software with multilingual user interface. SmartBridge can connect/operate with any weight device/indicator. It’s highly configurable software. There are many options and settings that you can adjust to make this application suitable for your business.
weighbridge software

SmartBridge weighbridge software

Key Features

- Multi language user interface, currently application available in (English, Arabic). User can select/change application language during the installation or at runtime.
- Easy to install, small size installer and no need for any external framework or tool.
- Easy and clear way to connect to the weight device/indicator.
- Multi device support, you can add unlimited number of weight devices/indicators and switch between them easily at runtime.
- It can operate with any weight device/indicator.
- Embedded algorithm to prevent negative or unstable weight values.
- You can design the print template of the weight ticket, you can add unlimited number of ticket templates, and you can switch between print templates easily at runtime.
- Support multi users, roles.
- Highly configurable software, it has many settings/options that you can adjust to make SmartBridge suitable for your business.
- Easy database management, you can make database backup, restore database, or create a new database easily.
- You can clear the ticket table and reset the ticket numbering without losing other data such as drivers, vehicle numbers...etc.
- Highly configurable search and work report.
- Support accounting and weigh fee/charge.
- Support material price.
- Export data in Excel, pdf format.

What’s new in version 1.2?

- Multilingual user interface. User can select the application interface language during the installation process. Also, user can change the application language later after the installation.
- Owner Name, Owner Address added to the settings. User can choose to print these fields at the weight ticket.
- More enhancements to the ticket design window.
- User can export, import ticket templates. Also, we have free ticket templates available for download on our website.
- Option “Print all ticket fields by default” added.
- User can change the database path, this will make it easy for user to create more than one database and switch between them easily.

Hardware and software requirements

Supported operating systems: All Windows starting from WindowsXP and above (32/64 bits).
Hardware requirements:
- Computer with serial port (COM port) to connect the scale device/indicator.
- Monitor with at least (1024X768 pixel), using less resolution will cause some parts of the application to disappear.


Tutorials and blog posts

You can find more information, tutorials, and videos about SmartBridge in our blog here
In is video we explain how to install SmartBridge.

Technical support

Our customers can contact us using email, Skype, Whatsapp. We can also give remote technical support using TeamViewer service.


You can download the latest version of SmartBridge from here
File Description Language Release Date File size
SmartBridge SmartBridge Version - 22/7/2016 20.7MB
SmartBridge_English.pdf User's Manual English 22/7/2016 3.2MB
SmartBridge_Arabic.pdf User's Manual Arabic 22/7/2016 3.4MB
SmartBridge_update1.2.0.102.exe Update the previous version to the newer version - 22/7/2016 3.7MB

Free weight ticket templates
File Language Description Release Date File Size Arabic tabular weight ticket template 12/5/2016 24.8KB Arabic tabular weight ticket template 12/5/2016 29.1KB Arabic tabular weight ticket template 12/5/2016 29.4KB English tabular weight ticket template 12/5/2016 27.7KB English tabular weight ticket template 12/5/2016 28.2KB

Older Versions
File Description Release Date File Size
SmartBridge SmartBridge Version 10/4/2016 21.6MB update previous versions to this version 10/4/2016 3.60MB
SmartBridge SmartBridge version 3/12/2015 19.6MB

Buy Now

Country Price
Syria 25000 SYP
Other Countries 50 $
Designing ticket template on demand: +10$
Prices above does not include transfer money fee

Payment methods

From Syria
- Money Transfer. (Receiver address: Syria-Baniyas / Issam Mohammad Ali)
- Bank Transfer.
- Western Union. (Receiver address: Syria / Issam Mohammad Ali)

Other Countries
- Western Union. (Receiver address: Syria / Issam Mohammad Ali)
- PayPal. (Please contact us to send you our PayPal address)

We will send your license key after your payment get confirmed.

Contact Us

If you have any question about this application or about how to buy it, please contact us via email at: