IBrowser enhanced file browser for Delphi

IBrowser is enhanced file browser for Delphi. IBrowser will give you more options to deal with shell files and directories from inside the Delphi IDE. IBrowser points to the active file in the IDE and displays the contents of its parent directory automatically.
IBrowser for Delphi

Main features:

-IBrowser points to the active file in the IDE.
-Incremental search method.
-Filter/search the files within the tree.
-System context menu.
-Double click to open files.


Close any running instance of Delphi. Remove any previous installation of IBrowser. Beware to choose the right setup file for your Delphi version. Run the setup file and follow the instructions. After installation you can run IBrowser from the IBrowser menu. IBrowser will be installed under <Delphi root>\IBrowser.


2008-11-15 (version 1.0 Beta):
  -Beta version with main features.
2009-3-17 (Version 1.1):
  -Support overlay icons.
  -Support multi file-masks filters, semi-colon delimited.
  -Predefined filters.
  -Lock/unlock tracking editor.
2010-6-13 (Version 1.2):
  -IBrowser menu.
  -Integrate some TortoiseSVN commands. So, now you can do Checkout,commit, Update to folders and files from inside the Delphi IDE (this feature needs TortoiseSVN to be installed).
  -Drag support. Open any file in the Delphi IDE by dragging it from IBrowser.
  -New commands added to the system context menu(open with Delphi/Add to Project).
  -Support multi-select option in the shell tree.
  -Some minor bugs fixed.




please email me if you have any suggestion or bug report:
info at issamsoft dot com


IBrowser Version 1.2 for Delphi7.
IBrowser Version 1.2 for Delphi2006.
IBrowser Version 1.2 for Delphi2009.
IBrowser Version 1.2 for Delphi2010.