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SmartBridgeAxle Weigh-In-Motion Axle Scales Software

SmartBridge is an easy to use Windows based weighbridge software with multilingual user interface. SmartBridge is a weighbridge software that supports all types of the weight indicators, this software also has the ability to receive the weight signal from PLC or from other PC using TCP/IP protocol. axle scale

SmartBridge Axle is the SmartBridge edition for the axle weighbridges or Weigh-In-Motion scales. The Axle edition of SmartBridge is built on top of the SmartBridge professional edition so it inherits all the professional edition features.

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Key Features

- This weighing software supports all types of weight indicators.
- This software is designed to work with in-motion axle scales.
- This software can calculate and save the axle weight in-motion; the vehicle doesn’t have to stop over the weighbridge.
- You can use this axle scale software to calculate the net weight of vehicles, or to calculate the overweight of vehicles using pre-entered max/allowed weight for each axle.
- Multi language user interface, this weighbrdige application is available in (English, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Indonesian). User can select/change the application language during the installation or at runtime.
- Easy to install, small size installer and no need for any external frameworks or tools.
- Easy and straightforward way to connect the software to the weight device/indicator.
- Multi-device support, you can add unlimited number of weight devices/indicators and switch between these devices easily at runtime.
- This trailer axle scale software can work on local networks, you can choose to install Client/Server/Standalone version from one single installation package.
- Web interface using embedded Http Server (in Professional edition only).
- Up to 16 custom/backup fields and ability to show/hide/reorder all fields in the Operation screen; you can choose from four different types of custom fields: Text, Number, Serial device and Formula.
-This Wheel load scale software has CCTV/Cameras support. the software can display video streams from up to 16 CCTV/Cameras. YouTube video
- This axle scale software has ANPR cameras support.
- trailer axle scale sotware supports working with external Scoreboards devices.
- This portable truck scale software has Email messaging support, you can configure the application to send emails with tickets, reports, error messages.
- This axle weigh station system supports sharing or transmitting the weight value on local network; this will let you use multiple computers to work with one weight device/indicator. YouTube video
- This axle scale software has the ability to receive the weight value from three different sources: Weight Indicator, PLC, Another PC.
- This portable truck scale software has plug-ins support, you can write your own plug-in for SmartBridge, you can use plug-ins to connect SmartBridge to other applications like accounting software, billing software, ERP systems…etc.
- This truck axle scale software supports touch screens; the software has on-screen keyboard and it also supports the touch screen gestures.
- This weighing scale software has an external utility to import data from other applications.
- You can design printable templates for the weight ticket, you can add unlimited number of templates, and you can switch between templates easily at runtime.
- External ticket designer software for designing more complicated/advanced weighing tickets.
- This weighbridge system supports multi users and multi roles.
- Highly configurable weighbrdige software; it has many settings/options that you can adjust to make SmartBridge suitable for your business.
- Easy database management; you can make database backup, restore database, archive the weighing tickets or create a new database.
- In this software for vehicle axle weighing scales You can clear the ticket table and reset the ticket numbering without losing other data such as: drivers, vehicle numbers, etc.
- Highly configurable search/reports; it has options to print the result or export to excel, pdf.

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Hardware and software requirements

Supported operating systems: All Windows statring from Windows 7 or newer (32/64 bits).
Hardware requirements:
- Computer with serial port (COM port) to connect the scale device/indicator, You can also use the ethernet port if the indicator supports this type of connection.
- Monitor with at least (1024X768 pixel), using less resolution will cause some parts of the application to disappear.


Tutorials and blog posts

You can find more information, tutorials, and videos about SmartBridge in our blog here
You can also watch some tutorials on our our youtube channel in English , or Arabic.
This video givs a quick overview about using this software for truck axle scales.

Technical support

Our customers can contact us using email, Skype, Whatsapp and phones. We can give remote technical support using remote access softwares like: AnyDesk, TeamViewer .

Download axle truck scale software SmartBridge

A free weighbridge software trial version is available here, you can download the latest version of SmartBridge from here

Documentation and other downloads

File Language Description
SmartBridgeAxle_Highlights_English.pdf English Axle weighing process and settings highlights
SmartBridgeProfessional_English.pdf English Professional Edition User's Manual
SmartBridgeAxle_Highlights_Arabic.pdf Arabic Axle weighing process and settings highlights
SmartBridgeProfessional_Arabic.pdf Arabic Professional Edition User's Manual
SmartBridge plug-ins.pdf English How to write Smartbridge plugins
ImportUtility SmartBridge Import Utility version


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